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Environmental Policy

Green Credentials

We are the GREENEST TAXI COMPANY in the North West. With our fleet of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles that are now helping to reduce carbon emissions in and around Blackpool and the Fylde Coast!

We recognise the impact our business may have on the environment. So we continue to take steps to minimise that impact.

Using GPS technology 20% fewer miles are driven whilst empty and we are able to track vehicle CO2 emissions and provide account customers with CO2 emissions statements, encouraging them to be more carbon aware.

Our Zero Emission electric vehicles, which consist of the Nissan Leaf and Nissan e-NV200, seat from 4 to 7 passengers so are ideal for transporting your customers to and from any event in the area. We also offer the conventional, yet fuel efficient, diesel 8 passenger vehicles for long distance journeys.

The journeys our vehicles take can be used to offset the carbon emissions produced by your business. Our fuel efficient fleet also offer your customers a fantastic impression of your business and your dedication to making Blackpool and the Fylde Coast a greener and cleaner place to live and visit, especially when a 100% Electric Taxi turns up!


The introduction of our Electric vehicles allows us to consider the use of renewable power such as, wind and solar to 'fuel' our vehicles. Wherever possible the power we use is extracted from renewable energy sources.

We estimate you could help prevent the use of around 300 Litres of Fuel which equates to over 350 kilogrammes of Coal in just one month with regular use of our Electric and Hybrid vehicles.

Thats a significant contribution towards reducing your businesses effect on the environment.

Our Office

Whilst minimising the impact our vehicles have on the environment is important, it's equally as important to remember the basics of greener living.

In our offices we use low energy lighting, utilise energy saving computer systems and recycle paper appropriately.

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