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Our business focuses on service. Closely linked to that is technology. Our service and technologically advanced systems make us Blackpool's Favourite Taxi Company! We're constantly investigating new technology and have brought a number of industry advances to Blackpool and St Annes before any other Taxi company!

These include introducing Blackpool & St Annes' first Taxi App, first to give customers the choice to keep their cash and pay by card in every cab and the introduction of Blackpool's first 100% Electric Taxi fleet!

Textback with Premier Taxis

For your peace of mind and security, when you book, we text you with your drivers name followed by their badge number and full vehicle details so you know EXACTLY who you are travelling with.

This is especially relevant for pickups in busy locations, or if you are a visitor to Blackpool or the Lytham St Annes area.

Track your cab with premier Taxis
Track your cab

When you book with Premier over the phone or through our App you can track your cab on a map, as it approaches the pickup point.

IVR Automated bookings with Premier Taxis
IVR Bookings

Our Interactive Voice Response system is the taxi industry's first IVR with Voice Recognition. It allows customers, once registered, to book jobs and check the progress of their bookings without having to wait to speak to an operator.

When their number is recognised by our system, they are offered an immediate repeat pickup, which they can then accept or choose from a range of other options.

Alternatively they can choose to speak to an operator.

Feature List
  •    Enjoy the speed and convenience of an automated booking facility
  •    Book repeat pickups instantly with simple prompts
  •    Check the status of your booking
  •    Choose to speak to an operator at any point during the call
Premier Taxis send you the closest cab
Closest Cab Technology

One of the most powerful features within our despatch system is the ability to allocate the closest vehicle to the customer´s pick-up location.

Our system automatically chooses the optimal route to the pick up point and drop off destinations using GPS; this reduces the number of miles we travel without passengers, fuel costs, CO2 emissions and wear and tear on the vehicles.

We reduce the number of vehicles travelling without a passenger on their return journey; because the vehicle´s position is constantly tracked using GPS, nearby jobs are allocated to those vehicles improving efficiency across the fleet.

Our staff can track each vehicle at any time to see their exact location. The GPS information automatically calculates the expected time of arrival (ETA) of each job and if the vehicle gets stuck in traffic the ETA is updated; this helps to improve the overall experience and customer service.

Using GPS technology 20% fewer miles are driven and we are able to track vehicle CO2 emissions and provide account customers with detailed CO2 emissions statements, encouraging them to be more carbon aware.

Taxi Booking App

Vauxhall Insignia Premier PLUS+

Our App is available for Apple and Android Devices. You can request a vehicle type and track your Taxi on Google Maps.

The App is available to use locally throughout, Blackpool, Lytham, St Annes and surrounding areas.

  Blackpool Taxi

For a Taxi in the Blackpool area please call 01253 401000.

  Taxi in Lytham St Annes

For a Taxi in, St Annes, Lytham and Ansdell call 01253 711111.

  Airport Transfers

For any long distance journey including Airport Transfers call 01253 407170.