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Taxi Driver Jobs Blackpool

Taxi Driver Jobs Blackpool

Taxi Driver Jobs Blackpool

Taxi Driver Jobs Blackpool

Taxi Driver Jobs Blackpool


  Why Join Premier?

  Earn More - We manage our fleet size on Blackpool sensibly. It isn't just a numbers game for us, you don't have to be the biggest to be the best! Meaning we have a higher job to driver ratio than any other fleet so you will earn more money.

  We pay you FAST - Unlike other companies we settle all account work and card payments weekly! You can collect your Airport money as soon as you complete the job. We don't mess you around!

  Daily or Weekly Rents - If you are part time you can rent shifts to suit when you want to work or rent a vehicle for use 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  Owner Incentives - We offer incentives to owner drivers with newer vehicles and discounts are available for in demand vehicles such as electrics, hybrids and minibuses.

  Technology - You'll always be at the forefront of new technology, technology which benefits you and customers!

  The Smartest Fleet - We have pride in our fleet, vehicle standards are higher on Premier than any other fleet. As a driver on a Premier owned vehicle you will have access to qualified mechanics during normal office hours where you can take your car to our dedicated mechanics to get you back on the road - fast!

  Electric Vehicles - If you drive one of our electric taxis you won't have any fuel to pay. No, really you won't! Charging takes up to 20 minutes which can be done while you take a well deserved break at one of our 12 charging stations across FIVE charging locations.

  Pro Active- You'll never find Premier chasing the field, we are industry leaders. If you want to be ahead of the competition join Premier Taxis!

New drivers

When you first get your Taxi badge we advise that you start driving one of our company owned vehicles. This will allow you to get a feel for the job, learn the areas and understand the way in which the Taxi business works. You'll need to be over 25 and hold a valid UK driving licence, have a basic knowledge of Blackpool's main roads and a willingness to provide great service - the rest, we can teach you!

Work the shifts to suit your lifestyle - days or nights from just one to six shifts per week - you choose!

Owner drivers

If you are keen to increase your earnings then you should switch to Premier. We manage our fleet numbers so you can be sure of a higher job to car ratio than any other fleet. You could be set up and running on our fleet within hours!

Call us now on 01253 401000 and ask to talk to Nakita or Sabrina to switch to Blackpool's highest earning Taxi fleet!

Your own business

Whether you start driving for the company, or join from another company, Premier is the right place to develop and grow your own business.

We offer preferential subscription rates to owners with multiple vehicles and financial support to buy additional vehicles or upgrades.

Finance opportunities

We'll finance you a car! It's that simple. Once you have a proven earnings record with us, you can purchase a vehicle from us with a minimal or zero deposit.

No credit checks, no hassle.

Electric vehicles

We are currently the only company in the North West running an Electric Taxi fleet. We've invested around £1,000,000 in rapid charging infrastructure and vehicles.

Our drivers are now saving up to £140 a week each on fuel, with some owner drivers saving even more!

Get started today!

Make that change now, make a difference that benefits you! Call Nakita or Sabrina now on 01253 401000.

Blackpool Council Taxi Driver Jobs

Become a Taxi Driver

You will need a Private Hire or Hackney Licence issued by Blackpool Council to drive on our fleet in Blackpool. We have put together this page to help you get started as we appreciate the process can be daunting to some. Remember, we guarantee you a job after the process!

Blackpool Council Process

  • Complete the application form for a private hire driver.
  • Hold a current driving licence which is at least 12 months old.
  • Complete an enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service check which shows you are a fit and proper person.
  • Pass a simple medical examination.
  • Pass the 'knowledge test' of roads and landmarks in Blackpool. The test consists of 40 questions most, if not all, are contained within the driver packs we supply.

Driver Packs

These packs contain all necessary documents along with a comprehensive list of all questions and answers.

Get your pack by calling in to our office at 296 Lytham Road, Blackpool, FY1 6EY.


Get in touch - FAST!

Be your own boss!


  Blackpool Taxi

For a Taxi in the Blackpool area please call 01253 401000.

  Taxi in Lytham St Annes

For a Taxi in, St Annes, Lytham and Ansdell call 01253 711111.

  Airport Transfers

For any long distance journey including Airport Transfers call 01253 407170.