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A Nissan Leaf 100% Electric Taxi outside Blackpool Tower

From the very beginning Premier recognised the opportunity to provide a taxi service that was above and beyond what was normally accepted.

There would be no string vested drivers with cigarettes hanging out of their unshaven faces on Premier! Skips on wheels would also be out of the question, quality vehicles only.

So it was 1990, in the middle of a recession, where Premier had its humble beginnings, with just 5 vehicles and the whispers of 'you're doomed to failure' ringing in our ears. Sleeping on a concrete floor and jumping up to answer any call we might get was the normal state of affairs for the first 18 months.

Gradually, by giving excellent customer service, the business blossomed and grew. All available money was re-invested into upgrading vehicles and helped accelerate growth.

In 1997, with a fleet of around 30 vehicles it was decided to take the bold step and move from the standard voice communications to full data, a technology in its infancy in the taxi industry.

We were one of the very first customers of AUTOCAB, now a world leader and commissioned the first full data system, along with GPS tracking for Taxis in the UK. Again we faced derision from others saying the cost was astronomical, especially in an unproven technology and would lead to our failure. Quite the opposite occured, our response times, from taking a call to the taxi turning up, were as fast as 3 minutes, leading to rapid growth of our customer base and our fleet!

Today, with a fleet of over 160 vehicles, we have many other systems in place that directly benefit the customer and taxi driver whilst we continue to scour the market for new technologies in order to continually improve.


  Company Timeline

  June 1990

Founded by existing Managing Director, John Cutler.

  Month 1997

Introduced the UK's first GPS tracking & data systems, provided by Autocab then in it's infancy.

   February 2009

First to introduce chip & pin payment facility in the cab at no extra charge to customers!

   May 2010

We acquired Fylde Taxis, rebranding the company as Premier Fylde Taxis. Offering customers the opportunity to use our great services in Lytham and St Annes and ending the monopoly of the market by an existing company.

   February 2011

Introduced Blackpool's first Taxi App - available for iPhone.

   March 2012

Our app became available for Android Devices.

  September 2013

The first Taxi company in Blackpool to introduce the environmentally friendly Toyota Auris Hybrid.

  February 2015

The first in the Northwest to introduce 100% Electric Taxis - 12 of them in fact!

  May 2015

Owing to their great success in just a few short months, we introduced four more Nissan Leaf electric taxis to the fleet.

  June 2015

Introduced another four Nissan Leaf Taxis to our fleet, w enow have one of the biggest fleets of Electric Taxis in the North West - to date we have 20!

  December 2015

The final additions to our electric Taxi fleet came just before Christmas. To date we have 34 electric vehicles, 10 of which are 7 seater electric minibuses.

  December 2015

We have redesigned our Apple and Android Apps. Customers can now check availability before they even book! Bookings are made faster than ever with improved functionality.

  April 2015

With the addition with more electric vehicles our fleet is now at fourty 100% electric taxis!

  June 2016

Another first for Premier, introducing Contactless payments. You can now also pay for your Taxi using Apple Pay. Another first for Blackpool, Lytham & St Annes!

  April 2017

Introduced the first fleet of Hybrid Taxis in Lytham & St Annes which further increases our green credentials. We estimate that through the introduction of these vehicles we will slash harmful emissions and help to improve air quality.

  September 2017

We have added additional functionality to our Android and iPhone apps meaning customers can now review their journey and every aspect. This will help us further improve upon our service and continue to excel.


Watch this space! Exciting times ahead for our Blackpool & Fylde Taxi fleets!

Taxi Booking App

Our App is available for Apple and Android Devices. You can request a vehicle type and track your Taxi on Google Maps.

The App is available to use throughout, Blackpool, Lytham, St Annes and surrounding areas.

  Blackpool Taxi

For a Taxi in the Blackpool area please call 01253 401000.

  Taxi in Lytham St Annes

For a Taxi in, St Annes, Lytham and Ansdell call 01253 711111.

  Airport Transfers

For any long distance journey including Airport Transfers call 01253 407170.