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Driver Opportunities

We are currently recruiting smartly presented and self motivated men and women to join our busy fleet covering Lytham St Annes and the wider Fylde Borough. Positions are available immediately for drivers who currently hold a Fylde Borough Taxi Badge on one of our modern, fuel efficient Hybrid vehicles.

If you don't currently have a 'Taxi' badge we can provide you with a starter pack with all the information needed, plus we will GUARANTEE you a drive at the end of the process. Simply come into our office at 296 Lytham Road Blackpool or call us on 01253 711111 to discuss your options.


  SUPPORT - From getting your taxi badge to buying your first vehicle and starting your own business we can help every step of the way.

  VEHICLES - All of our cars are now 2017 model Toyota Hybrids. These vehicles are fuel efficient and comfortable which offer you a nicer working environment.

  TECHNOLOGY - We use state of the art technology that lines up jobs for you to ensure you are not driving from one end of town to another and you will use less fuel.

  LOOKED AFTER - We have our own in-house mechanics. The brief to them is that ALL vehicles must be in the best possible condition. If there is a fault with the vehicle, they fix it and get you back on the road as quickly as possible.

  FAST 2 PAY - Not only are our Chip & Pin terminals the fastest we also offer fast turnaround on money owed to you. Best of all card payments do not cost you a penny!

  FARES FAIR - We have revised our fare structure to benefit you without penalising our strong local customer base.

  MENTORING - When you start you will receive full training and mentoring from one of our experienced drivers.

  BUSINESS - We want you to turn your new profession into a business. We will be able to offer you support so that you can buy your own vehicle, recruit your own drivers and increase your earnings.

  YOUR CHOICE - Work when you want, rent a vehicle 24/7, work days, nights or part time - it's up to you!

  LOW RENTS - Our rents are lower than elsewhere so you get to keep more of your own earnings.


  ALL INCLUSIVE - Leave the stress and strain of owning your own vehicle behind. Join our fleet, drive one of our new vehicles and never worry about insurance, maintenance and vehicle depreciation ever again!


  FOR CASH - If for whatever reason you choose to sell your Hackney Plates please contact us.

Lytham St Annes Taxi Driver Jobs

Become a Taxi Driver

You will need a Private Hire or Hackney Licence issued by Fylde Borough Council to drive on our fleet in the Lytham and St Annes area. We have put together this page to help you get started as we appreciate the process can be daunting to some. Remember, we guarantee you a job after the process! Pop in and see us and we will help you through the entire process!

Fylde Council Process

Taxi and Private Hire licences are only issued by the Council after the driver has been checked to ensure that he or she:

  • Has a valid driving licence
  • Is a fit and proper person
  • Understands the relevant law

All licensed drivers must wear an identification badge, which includes a photograph of the bearer.

Contact Fylde Borough Council

By Post

Licensing Team
Fylde Council
St Annes Town Hall
Lytham St Annes

By Phone

01253 658658

By Fax

By Fax: 01253 713113

By E-Mail

By E-mail:


New Drivers

St Annes Taxi Jobs

As a Taxi Driver you will hold a position of trust. As such the Licensing Authority; Fylde Borough Council require that Taxi Drivers are fit and proper persons to hold such licenses.

As such Taxi Drivers are licensed annually by the council and periodic criminal record and medical checks.

Whilst Fylde Borough Council are responsible for the licensing process we can help guide you through it!

Get in touch - FAST!

What does it cost?

There are costs associated to becoming a Licensed Taxi Driver, those costs are:

  •   New Application £125.00
  •   CRB/DBS Disclosure £44.00
  •   Knowledge Test £18.50
  •   Medical Approx £20.00

The application process can be daunting, however we can offer you all the help you need.


Information correct as of 15/09/2017

  Blackpool Taxi

For a Taxi in the Blackpool area please call 01253 401000.

  Taxi in Lytham St Annes

For a Taxi in, St Annes, Lytham and Ansdell call 01253 711111.

  Airport Transfers

For any long distance journey including Airport Transfers call 01253 407170.